rob bell 2: an update

for those who have graciously read my post from early this morning regarding rob bell, i wanted and needed to give credit to a friend of mine, brooke, for giving me the wording for the gospel definition i used towards the end of the blog:

“the glorious news of an all-powerful, all-holy God condescending to assume the wrath that justly belongs to suffering sinners…”

this was the beautiful structure of words she had recently written to me in an e-mail describing the gospel she has been sharing with people in her life, and i loved it. having put it into my blog and not citing her (mostly due to it being written after a jog at 3am), i wanted to make sure she was referenced and given the credit as the creator of the phrase.

so thank you brooke for your input and i pray your words continue to transform lives and advance the Kingdom of our Lord and King…



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